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The stuff dreams are made of. Yes, that's for sure. Film auditions are what make Hollywood go 'round, besides TV. We love them so much that we even clambor to the television to watch old screen tests of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Their film auditions for some are the main event, as they are fleeting but vital moments in the lives of people who we idolize.

Nowadays, when they do record screen tests during people's film auditions, it's probably on a basic Digital Video camcorder, or a low-end High Definition camera. That's because it' s much cheaper to use these cameras, and they can see the results instantaneously, rather than having to wait for film to be developed. Today, because of the high quality image digital and High Definition cameras are capable of producing, the same camera used to record film auditions can also be used to film the whole movie.

Why do we even call it a film, or say film auditions if the project is being shot on a digital format and edited with computers instead of on a Steenbeck flatbed? Well, that's because once it gets to the theatre, or into your house on a DVD and people watch it, their going to call it a movie, or a film. So film auditions will always be known as such, as it would be very awkward to have to say High Definition Video Image feature entertainment product auditions.

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