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Was it always like this? The film auditions, the fancy cars, long, drawn-out meals at beachside cafes? Of course not, people who are enjoying this kind of lifestyle probably have gone through an endless number of film auditions and had to do so before they got their shot at a real role in a successful production.

Unless they were just born rich, or born into a family of already famous and successful Hollywood actors, most people heading out week after week to film auditions are really struggling, and hoping with all of their strength that the next batch of film auditions they go out on will bring the one that finally bursts the bubble and gives them that one big break they have been striving for. Film auditions can be a challenge and take some getting used to, but the payoff is great when things come together.

The lifestyle of pursuing film auditions is not for everyone either. Some folks have obligations and responsibilities that are out of their control that keep them from having the kind of life that would allow them to take time out of their schedule to out on film auditions. Most people may not have been thinking about film auditions when they got their jobs even if they had some kind of interest in being an actor. They just needed to start making some money. For the most part, the average job leaves no room for going out on film auditions, and some have stringently tight work schedules that will result in termination if not strictly adhered to.

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