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Here's a no-brainer. Put a couple of hundred of teenagers together in the same building and what do you get? Total anarchy and confusion, because that's the way they like it. Some people call these scenarios teen auditions, others call it a living nightmare. We don't say this to put teenagers down, or criticize them for their high-spiritedness. On the contrary, it is this endless uncontrollable energy that makes teen auditions so much fun.

Whenever you get talented people into the same place for whatever reason, sparks can fly and conflicts are just as common as celebrations. Teen auditions are no different. Security might have top be called because rambunctious Shakespearians want to practice with a real balcony, or have stopped the elevator between floors just to be able to say "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" But these things are to be expected. When you hold teen auditions you know you can expect some excitement.

There are no special rules for passing teen auditions, just use the same confidence and cheerful smile that you use to impress your friends, and you'll be fine. Do you have a problem with nervousness? Just ask yourself, why should I be nervous at teen auditions when I still have the rest of my life to achieve my goals? Not getting a part is not the end of the world, so just relax, and have fun.

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