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A million or so people every year participate in auditions in LA and don't seem to be the worse for it. Some folks might be concerned that the stress and the pressure (most of which comes from the drive to the audition) of hitting the rounds of auditions in LA year after year could really get to a person and cause them severe anxiety problems. Thankfully for most, this is not the case.

The real source of stress out here is not the auditions in LA, but the crappy public transportation system, which the MTA is now advertises has been proclaimed best in the nation, while simultaneously proposing to cutback service, cancel certain bus routes, and raise the price of a day pass by two dollars. Wow, if you are planning to travel to auditions in LA via public transit, you are going to have to really be on your toes if these changes are put in place.

The second worst way to go to auditions in LA is by car, but it is almost a toss up between the two, as each poses it's unique nightmarish challenges, and share others (like traffic - unless you're on a metro train, you'll be sitting in traffic right along with the rest of the lemmings). The most significant recent change in commuting to auditions in LA is of course, the price of gas. A trip to the valley that once might have cost five dollars now costs close to twenty, and this change has occurred in less than four years. Actors and actresses, don't distress, just keep focus on your dreams, and work on stretching out your budget.

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