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The doors are wide open for you and all of your actor friends to start signing up for New York auditions. You would be a fool to not drop everything you are doing right now, sell everything you own, and move to the Big Apple to start hitting the New York auditions circuit.

New York auditions are fun. You get to go up against the meanest, nastiest, most ornery group of actors ever assembled in one metropolitan area, performing for some of the meanest nastiest directors and producers in the world. What could be better? New York auditions are great training for Hollywood, because they make LA auditions seem like a vacation!

Some may prefer to stay in NYC though, maybe New York auditions start to grow on them, maybe it's the hot pretzels on a winter's day, maybe they like to pretend they're Mary Tyler Moore. If you can make it through multiple New York auditions in one piece, you can make it through anything.

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