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When Billy first got into film acting he was ready for anything. He said he would go anywhere and do anything if it would bring him closer to his goal of making a career in film acting.

Soon, however, toiling and struggling day in and day out in the pursuit of fame via film acting began to take it's toll, and Billy began a downhill spiral of drug and alcohol abuse until his life bore more of a resemblance to that of a bedraggled junkie than that of a film acting professional.

Thankfully, one day Billy woke up at about two o'clock in the afternoon, and sat down with his brunch of pop tarts and soda (the breakfast of film acting champions) to watch some TV. Jerry Springer came on and he realized that the people on the show looked a lot like him. From that day forth he became a new man and resumed his relentless search for success in film acting...

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