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The job of the film casting director is a tough one. Her mistakes are going to be some of the most obvious and annoying, as they will be staring you right in the face and speaking some or many of the lines in the project. One bad actor (the result of a snoozing film casting director) can ruin the whole project.

In the realm of really bad film casting ideas, whoever cast the actor that played Anakin Skywalker in Episode I made such a huge blunder that no more discussion is necessary, except to say that better directing might have salvaged an already bad situation. Suffice it to say that the job of the film casting director is so vital, that it's importance is often ignored or downplayed, and the results are movies that are unbearable to watch.

Good job done by a film casting director? Meet the Fockers, Dog Day Afternoon, Apocalypse Now. In these projects, they did not compromise in their choices, and the results were ensemble performances and characters that are memorable for a lifetime. A good film casting director puts the people into roles that make us want to be actors when we see their performance on the screen.

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