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Welcome to the world of film extras where we rule the background of every production, demanding the same respect as the furniture and multi-colored rolls of gaffer's tape, because we became film extras to make it out here.

Just because as film extras we rank someplace slightly below the food at the Kraft Services table somewhere between the pack of gum the producer's niece left in her car and the screwdriver used by the set designer to pop open cans of touch up paint, doesn't mean that we shouldn't hold our heads high. Without film extras all of these multi-million dollar projects would be empty and devoid of life.

There are some who look forward to the day when all film extras will be the product of highly sophisticated CGI, thus eliminating the bothersome human aspect of filling of the screen with activity and passersby. But the true artists, the real heroes of the film industry who remain true to the humanistic ideals of filmmaking, will never get rid of their human film extras, because they know what it takes to make a good movie, and will refuse to compromise, even though it may mean saving money and production logistics headaches.

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