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Some folks are running around town like crazy people trying to find auditions they can pencil in to their schedule that will further their careers, or at least get them a connection to someone who can help them find auditions for roles that are suitable for their type.

The endless efforts expended by aspiring actresses and actors to find auditions is truly amazing, and if all that energy where to be organized and focused in another pursuit, probably many of the world's problems could be solved fairly quickly. It is essential for an actress to find auditions because without auditions, there are no roles, and without roles, the actor does not exist.

You might think that it's very difficult to find auditions, but this is not the case. The difficulty is more in finding auditions that are right for you. They have to match your age range, look, talents, and they have to be for roles you are interested in and would feel comfortable playing. One think to keep in mind though, when looking to find auditions, don't be afraid to take on a challenge - you never know what expanding your horizons could lead to.

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