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Getting Through a Film Audition

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Tommy had trouble one day getting through an audition. His friends had never seen this side of him before, and his girl, well, she just couldn't see him in the same light anymore. The last time he had had trouble getting through an audition was when he was five, and there were tights and ballet slippers involved.

Getting through an audition can be tough. Sometimes it seems like everyone is better looking than you, more talented than you, and the auditions staff is nicer to everyone else than they are to you, but the toughest thing about getting through an audition is the performance. Half the time it's impossible to know what they are really looking for, and you just have to go for it and hope that your gut instincts can carry you through. The all time worst thing that can happen, however, is when you are just getting through an audition and in the aftermath as you are attempting to shmooze and leave a really positive last impression, there is a commotion in the lobby and suddenly in walks Brad Pitt to audition for the same role you just tried out for - ouch!

Well darn it, even if Brad does get the part, the key to getting through an audition is to perform as if Brad Pitt is going to walk in the room right after you are done. Never assume that you are the best of the bunch. If you plan on getting through an audition and really impressing them, you have to act as if your life depended on it. Getting through an audition successfully is much like getting through life. Either you do it to life, or life is going to do it to you.

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