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The great dreams going through people's heads as they are performing auditions of all different kinds are what make the world of entertainment go around. Without these dreams the whole apparatus would grind to a halt. Sure, some of us are performing auditions because someone wants to sell a product, or because an investor wants to make a healthy return from a movie project, but the creative visions of the writers, directors, and producers, and the final ingredient of the actor's interpretation, we would never get the great performances and stories that have helped shape our lives.

Performing auditions day in and day out can be draining, but it should be fun. Any actress worth her stuff should be happy to have auditions pouring in because it means more chances to get a good role. For many, the challenge lies more in getting the auditions than in performing the auditions, but for others, the jitters and the pressure make it difficult to perform to their best potential.

The pursuit of any career in the performing arts involves the process of performing auditions on a regular basis, at least until the time when you land that big role and you can take a break. However, even rich and famous movie stars are still performing auditions, not for that big break, but for a coveted role.

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